English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 10 The Book That Saved the Earth Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


(Textbook Questions)

Read and find out

Answer: In those days, there were books about everything, from anteaters to Zulus. Books taught people how to, when to, where to, and why to. They illustrated, educated, punctuated, and even decorated.

Hence the twentieth century was often called the Era of the Book.



Answer: People of Mars tried to invade earth in twenty-first century. At that time, Mars was headed by Think-Tank.




Answer: Initially Thinks-Tanks makes a guess that these are sandwiches – a staple food of Earthlings. Then he thinks that one can listen to these. Later he makes a guess that these are means of communication through reading.

Think about it

Answer: Noodle knows that Think-Tank is the most powerful person on Mars. So Noodle does not offend him by pointing out his mistakes. Every time Noodle tells Think-Tank that he has more data or information about the situation. Throughout the conversation Noodle continues to be polite and submissive. Thus he reminds Think-Tank to consider the new information. Thereby Noodle allows Think-Tanks to correct himself and to issue new orders.




Answer: Noodle had maintained supremacy of Think-Tank. He had always been polite. Yet he provided right information to Think-Tank to correct himself. I too would have handled the situation in similar manner.

Answer: Books in hard copies are getting replaced by electronic media. Every information is freely available on internet. Most of the books are available without any cost on internet. Some books are available at fraction of the price of hard copy.

I believe it is not possible to completely discard the books. We would need to accept both types of books.

Answer: Books offer knowledge on different subjects and different aspects of life. If one needs to understand a concept in details, books provide that opportunity.

Books are written by subject experts. Books on social, financial, leadership aspects are written by experienced people. Thus one can learn several aspects of a topic. This gives us a good food for thought. One can then analyse various situations and acquire wisdom.

Books are the best friends because they do not expect anything in return. Books are the best time pass habit. One can read books for long hours. It kills loneliness and keeps us busy.

My favourite book is ‘The Story of My Life’ by Hellen Keller. The book narrates how a child overcomes her physical challenges and wins hearts of everyone. Helen Keller herself was a voracious reader and drew lot of inspiration from books.

Talk about it

Answer: Think-Tank misinterprets the ‘diddle’ poem as a great advancement in civilization. He fears that Earthlings have taught their domestic animals music and space techniques. Even their dog has a sense of humour. He thinks that their cows may be launching an invasion of space.

Think-Tank misinterprets the picture ‘Humpty Dumpty’ as his own picture. He thinks that Earthlings are going to attack Mars to defeat him.

He decides to run away from Mars to Alpha Centauri which is hundred million miles away from Mars.

Once my classmates asked me to give him my book. After taking the book he ran away. I could not understand his behaviour. I thought he may not return my book. But in the evening he came to my house to return his book. He told me that he had taken the book to show it to his parents. His parents wanted to see the book before buying it.

Answer: They did not understand the language of nursery rhymes.  The crew had to take vitamin pills to increase their understanding. Thereafter they could read it.

But none of them could understand the meaning of what they read. It was misinterpreted by their leader as well.

So it appears that English was not their own language. It is difficult to make a guess about their mother tongue. Probably some other improvised form of English was their mother tongue.



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