English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Vistas Chapter 5 On The Face Of It Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Answer: Mr. Lamb is an old man. He lives alone in his house. His one leg was blown off in a war. He wears an artificial leg.

Derry climbed the wall of Lamb’s house to get into the garden.



Answer: Mr. Lamb is trying to teach lessons of life to Derry. Lamb advises Derry to stop feeling bad about himself and to stop caring about remarks of others. He wants Derry to look to the outside world. One can look at and  listen to the vibrant world and feel better

This discussion will surely change attitude of Derry.


Answer: Mr. Lamb welcomes Derry to his garden. His behaviour is different than any other person Derry had earlier met. He is not afraid of Derry because of his burned face. Lamb advises Derry to neglect comments of others. He advises him to come out of being alone. Lamb asks him to look at and listen to the beautiful things of this world. He tries to give a different perspective towards life.

Derry learns that Lamb has a tin leg. He also learns that though some children tease him by saying ‘Lamey Lamb’, but he has not stopped them from coming to his garden.

Owing to such a positive outlook of Lamb towards life, Derry is drawn near to Mr. Lamb.



Answer: In the ‘first scene’ Mr. Lamb displays signs of his loneliness. When Derry comes to his garden Lamb was sitting alone. He says that his house is empty. Although his one leg is broken, he himself plucks apples and makes jelly. During the day he sits in the sun and reads books. These are the signs of his loneliness.

Lamb reads lot of books. He spends his time watching flowers and plants in his garden. His bees are his friends. He likes to listen to their singing. He spends time making jelly. He talks to kids whenever they come to his garden. These are the ways in which Mr. Lamb tries to overcome his loneliness.


Answer: People with physical disability are fully aware in their heart that they are different from others. This feeling by itself is very much discouraging. Sometimes they may feel guilty. If anybody teases them or takes pity, it really hurts them.

They want to lead their life with dignity. They do not want sympathy of anybody. They merely want people to recognize their difficulty and provide support wherever and whenever asked for. They always prefer to do their own work to the best of their ability. They want people to understand rather than to remind about their disability.

This is their expectations from others.


Answer: Derry had met Mr. Lamb for the first time. The discussion between them was brief and precise.

Derry is projected as a person who is troubled by his physical appearance. He is affected by remarks of people and their behaviour. He is leading life of a confined personality.

Mr. Lamb is a physically challenged person. Some people tease him. He does not bother about it. He is leading a life of openness. His thoughts are outward bound. He enjoys beauty of nature and is able to derive happiness out of it.

During their discussion, Mr. Lamb has narrated his views quite nicely to Derry. After initial hesitation, Derry has accepted those views. He insists upon meeting once again with Mr. Lamb. This is enough indication that his thoughts have been upgraded.

Thus we can conclude that Derry will lead a different life. This life would be full of openness and determination.


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