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Answer: The king of Pratibandpuram was known as the Tiger King.

The astrologers had predicted that he may kill 99 tigers but the hundredth tiger will kill him. To prove astrologers wrong, the king started killing tigers. Hence he came to be known as the Tiger King.



Answer: The royal infant grew up to be a very tall and strong young person. At the age of twenty he became king of his state. In order to prove astrologer wrong, he wanted to kill hundred tigers. He went on a spree to kill tigers. Thus he came to be known as Tiger King.



Answer: The Maharaja realized that after killing 70 tigers, no tiger was left in his kingdom. So he decided to marry a girl from royal family of a state. And that state should have large population of tigers. He would visit his father-in-law to kill more tigers. This way he planned to kill 100 tigers.

Answer: The Maharaja was very anxious to kill 100th tiger. He got the news from a hillside village about a tiger. He camped in the forest with his fellow hunters. But the tiger could not be spotted. He was very angry.

Dewan planted his own tiger in the forest to save his job. When this tiger was spotted, the King took a careful aim at it and fired bullet. The tiger fell down. The king thought it was dead but actually it was not. He left for his palace.


Answer: After the king had killed first tiger, there is brief mention about the astrologer. After that the story does not mention anything about him. We may assume that now he was not in the kingdom.

The king thought that he had killed the 100th tiger. But actually he had not killed it. The Tiger King died because of a toy tiger. The author terms that toy tiger as the 100th tiger.

Hence the prophecy of the astrologer is not clearly disapproved.


Answer: The story is full of satire about thinking of powerful people. Words of the infant ‘Let tigers beware!’ indicates a satire about the powerful people. Right from childhood, they think that they are more powerful than anybody else.

The manner in which king proudly shows his first tiger hunt to the astrologer is a satire.

King pronounced that no one would kill tigers except the king himself. The king sacrifices huge sum of money to carry on his pledge of killing hundred tiger. The British officer wanted to have only a photograph with dead body of tiger. The king decides to marry a girl from royal family to achieve the objective of killing more tigers. These indicate how eccentric kings used to be.

The king exempted the village from paying tax and later doubled the tax. The king did not pay to the shopkeeper for the toy. These are examples of showing power to innocent people.

Dewan planted his own tiger to fulfil desire of king. The hunters did not have the courage to tell the truth to the king. The shopkeeper did not tell the right price to the king. These are examples of submissiveness of common people.

Hence the story is full of satire about conceit of powerful.

Answer: The author makes many indirect comments about innocent animals in the story.

Even a cow can be killed in self defence is the first such comment. Justifying killing of 100 tigers is surprising. The king wanted to kill 100 tigers only to satisfy his ego of proving astrologer wrong. Instead, if the king had decided not to kill any tiger, he still would have been safe. But who cares about innocent animals!

The king killed all tiger of his kingdom. Then he killed all tigers of another kingdom. The innocent tigers had not done any harm to him. The British also wanted to kill tigers or have a photograph, only to satisfy their ego of being brave.

Planting a weak and old tiger for the hunt is equally bad. Killing of this tiger by the hunters evokes sympathy.

These narrations indicate that people had no mercy towards animals.

Answer: Minions of Maharaja were submissive and afraid of him. They did not dare to tell him the truth if that could annoy him or was not to his liking.

The astrologer told truth only after he was convinced that nothing bad will happen to him.

The dewan was always trying to please the king. He was also afraid of the king. To please the king, he even planted his own tiger in the forest.

The hunters were afraid of the king. They did not tell the king that he had missed his mark while shooting 100th tiger. The shopkeeper did not tell the correct price to the king. He did not even ask the king to pay him. The villagers could do nothing when their taxes were doubled.

Thus we can conclude that the minions were not sincere towards the king. They were afraid of him. They wanted to save their job and their life.

The political situation is similar. The elected members have developed a big clout around themselves. People are afraid of them. People who are close to them are busy in appeasing them. In fact they have become a powerhouse.


Answer: In present times, game hunting is banned in our country. Sanctuaries, reserved forests and parks have been built to protect wild life.

However many times news has appeared in media about killing of animals even in those protected areas. Bones and skins have been found in these areas. Many times bones, skins and teeth have been confiscated at airports.

Some instances of game hunting have been caught by authorities in recent times. The Black Buck case and the Antelope case have come into the eyes of common people.

Thus we may conclude that indifferent attitude towards animlas continue even today.


Answer: In last century, the Earth has undergone several changes. Owing to his own comfort and pleasure, human beings have caused much damage to environment and ecology. Many animals have become extinct and many more are on the verge of getting wiped out. Global warming and melting of ice on poles is another indicator of damage caused.

In order to save mankind and the earth, we need to review our life style and upgrade our attitude towards nature. We need to learn to live in harmony with all living beings and plants. We need to plant more trees. More of afforestation needs to be done.

Use of plastic needs to be eliminated. We need to start using more and more of bio-degradable materials. Electronic waste has become another hazard. Pollution at all levels needs to be eliminated.

We need to create awareness and educate everybody to do right things for our civilisation. We must leave a good planet for our posterity.


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