The Beggar Class 9 Textbook Questions and Answers CBSE English Chapter 10 NCERT Moments


(Textbook Questions)

Think about it

Answer: Lushkoff used to sing in a Russian choir. He was expelled because he was a drunkard. He could not find any other work. He started begging.

So circumstanced made him a beggar.



Answer: Lushkoff told Sergei that earlier he used to sing in a Russian Choir. He was thrown out because of his drunkenness.

If he told truth, nobody will give him alms. So he used to fabricate different stories for begging.  



Answer: Lushkoff was a not a wiling worker. He agreed to chop wood because he was trapped in his own words. Lushkoff had told Sergei that he was ready to work if somebody gave him work. He also had pride in himself and was ashamed to beg.



Answer: Lushkoff was a not a wiling worker. Gradually he started doing many works at the house of Sergei. Lushkoff helped Sergei in shifting his belongings to new house. Thus Sergei was happy that Lushkoff had accepted his advice.

Sergei was happy to note the change in Lushkoff.



Answer: Sergei had given work to Lushkoff. Gradually Lushkoff got into the habit of doing work. Later he started working as a notary. He earned thirty-five roubles per month.

Hence Lushkoff is obliged to Sergei because he taught him to work.



Answer: Lushkoff had agreed to work because he was trapped in his own words. He did not know how to chop wood. He was a feeble person. He could not chop even one log of wood. 

At this situation Olga did the chopping for Lushkoff. She continued to chop wood for Lushkoff. Owing to her words and her noble deeds, heart of Lushkoff changed and he started following right path.



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