English CBSE Class 12 NCERT Flamingo Poem 4 A Thing of Beauty Free Solution of Extra Questions and Answers – Extract Based Questions Short Answer Questions Long Answer Questions and Value Based Questions


(Extra Questions)

Extract based questions

1. Identify the poem and the poet.

Answer: Poem – A Thing of Beauty

Poet – John Keats

2. What is the thing of beauty mentioned in this extract?

Answer: The stories of soldiers and other noble people we have heard or read is mentioned as thing of beauty. Nature has been represented as an endless fountain of immortal drink from heaven.

3. What is the effect of ‘immortal drink’ on us?

Answer: It gives us lot of joy and happiness. It will keep us happy forever.

4. Who are referred as ‘mighty dead’? How can we know about them?

Answer: The brave soldiers and our ancestors are refereed as ‘mighty dead’. We can know about them through stories we can hear or read.

5. What is the poetic device used in fourth line of the extract?

Answer: Hyperbole. 

6. Which word in the extract is synonym of ‘magnificence’?

Answer: Grandeur.




1. What is the message in the above extract?

Answer: Because of many reason we become sad and unhappy. But a thing of beauty can remove the sadness and make us happy.

2. What is the meaning of word ‘spite’?

Answer: Spite means ‘desire to hurt’, ‘hate or ‘evil’.

3. Which poetic device is used in ‘of noble nature’?

Answer: Alliteration. The letter ‘n’ is repeated in ‘noble nature’.

4. What is meant by ‘some shape of beauty’?

Answer: Beauty need not be always in the physical form. Sometimes it is in our heart like affection and friendship. So beauty has many forms. This is the meaning of the phrase.

5. What is the world full of?

Answer: The world is full of sorrow, hatred, disappointments and trouble.

6. How is man able to find hope and peace in life?

Answer: With the help of beautiful things man is able to remove the pall of despondency. Thus he finds hope and peace in life.



1. What makes the ‘mid forest brake’ rich?

Answer: The ‘mid forest brake’ is large group of various plant growing close to each other. Variety of plants like daffodils, musk-rose and others make it rich.

2. What is the poetic device used in fourth line of the extract?

Answer: Oxymoron. In the phrase ‘mighty dead’ the words are opposite in the meaning.

3. What is the thing of beauty referred in last three lines of the extract?

Answer: Tales of brave soldiers and noble nature is referred as thing of beauty.

4. Why does poet consider death also beautiful?

Answer: When a person dies after doing good for the society or country, his deeds are respected. Their works inspire others and it becomes a thing of beauty.



1. Whose loveliness will keep on increasing?

Answer: Loveliness of thing of beauty will keep on increasing.

2. What is a bower?

Answer: Bower is a group of trees or climbers that provides shade.

3. Why do we need sweet dreams, health and quiet breathing in our lives?

Answer: These help us to remain calm and healthy. We shall be able to overcome trouble and hate prevailing in this world.

4. Explain ‘it will never pass into nothingness’.

Answer: Loveliness of a thing of beauty will keep on increasing. It will never cease to exist. Its importance will increase every day.

5. What does ‘a bower quiet for us’ signify?

Answer: Bower provides shade and gives shelter. A thing of beauty makes us calm and gives us happiness.




1. What images of beauty has poet referred to?

Answer: The Sun, the Moon, old and young trees, noble people and flowers have been referred to as things of beauty.

2. How is tree a perfect example of a beautiful thing?

Answer: A tree provides us shade, fruit and flowers. Thus a tree provides comfort to man, animals, birds. Hence it is thing of beauty.

3. What does ‘simple sheep’ symbolise?

Answer: ‘Simple sheep’ symbolizes noble people living in this world.

4. Explain ‘ the green world they live in’.

Answer: It symbolizes a pollution free environment and greenery. Things of beauty mentioned in the extract survive in a pollution free environment. These also help in improving the environment.



Short Answer Questions – 30 to 40 words

Answer: Beautiful things give us comfort and happiness. They make a lasting impression of joy and happiness. They strengthen our relationship with nature. They provide relief from our daily routine and problems and help us live a better life.

Answer: Poet calls beauty of nature as an endless fountain of immortal drink. The beauty of nature never ceases and it increases with time. Hence is it is called endless.



Answer: Pain, sufferings and troubles are parts of our life. These bring sadness onto us spreading a pall of despondence.

Nature brings us hope, happiness and motivation. These provide us inspiration to continue our life.

Answer: Out acts of unkindness and wrong behaviour is the cause of ‘gloomy days’ and ‘dark spirits”. We become sad because of absence of human and moral values in the society.



Answer: The poem gives a strong message that nature has the power to remove our sadness and can give us happiness. A thing of beauty can remove the sadness caused by  absence of noble people and moral values. The joy of nature is immortal. It is a joy forever.

Answer: Nature has created bower, brake of daffodils and clear streams that gives shade, fragrance and cool environment. Under these cool and quiet places beast and man can get comfort.

Man will also get comfort when he keeps his heart quiet and adopts moral values.

Answer: Nature is the most wonderful and versatile creation of God. It has the power to heal all emotions and give us happiness. Even during adverse situation of absence of noble people and moral values, nature helps us to stay away from gloom and dark spirits.

Answer: The word ‘earth’ represent nature and ‘flower bands’ refers to our love and liking for the greenery.

Poet wants to say that our love and liking for greenery, flowers and clear water streams attaches us to the nature.

Long Answer Questions – 120-150 words

Answer: Beautiful things are a source of joy forever. Nature is the most beautiful thing created by God. Beauty of nature removes the sadness and darkness from our minds. When we get connected to the nature, we get a further reason to live. The Sun, the Moon, old and young trees, are all sources of happiness for us. Trees spread their branches to provide shelter to everybody. Flowers like daffodils and musk-roses provide pleasing fragrant surroundings. The clear and small streams of water make a way for itself and along its way greenery is developed. The thick brake in the forest provide shade during hot season.

All these things enrich our lives to such an extent that it is not possible to live without them.



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