English CBSE Class 10 NCERT Footprints Without Feet Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery Free Solution of Textbook Questions and Answers


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Read and find out

Answer: She thought her dog Tricki had become weak and appeared to be without energy. She thought Tricki was sick. She wanted to get him treated.



Answer: She thought Tricki was suffering from malnutrition. So she gave him extra meals after lunch and dinner. This was not the right thing to do.

Answer: In this story ‘I’ refers to Dr. Harriot. He is a veterinary doctor. He runs his own clinic.




Answer: No. The narrator is not as rich as Tricki’s mistress. We can understand this when the narrator talks about enjoying the food and drink items sent for Tricki.

Answer: The dog was suffering because of overeating and lack of exercise. Dr. Harriot kept him only on water for two days. Thereafter he gave normal food to the little dog. Harriot made the dog play and run with other dogs to get good exercise.




Answer: Dr Harriot and his team-mates were enjoying the food articles and drinks sent by Mrs. Pumphery. Eating such items every day was a luxury to them. Hence he was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest.

Answer: She was under impression that her dog was very sick. But within a fortnight Dr Harriot had cured the dog. Tricki had now become very agile and playful.

Therefore she thought that it was a triumph for surgery.

Think about it

Answer: Narrator, Dr Harriot took all the feedback about diet of the dog. He gathered that Tricki was not getting enough exercise. He also understood that Mrs. Pumphery was very sympathetic and over protective towards her dog.

He devised a plan to treat the dog and brought him to his surgery. He did not give any medicine to Tricki. He reduced diet of the dog. He forced the dog to make efforts to get his food. He made the dog play and run around to get good exercise.

Through these methods, effect of over-diet and lack of exercise was removed and dog recovered his health.

Thus we can conclude that Dr Harriot was very tactful and full of common sense.

Answer: When Tricki saw his mistress he sailed into her lap with a tremendous leap. He started licking her face and barked at her with affection. Thus we can conclude that Tricki was very happy to go home.

His mistress Mrs. Pumphery was over protective. She did not give him enough exercise. She gave more than required food to her dog. Though none of these things were good for him.

It is unlikely that she would control her habits. Given her excessive affection towards the dog it is likely that she will again start doing similar things to him. Thus Tricki would once again fall sick.

Answer: In everyday life we do come across similar instances. These pertain to human beings as well as towards pet animals.

Many times a mother would become obsessive about nutritious diet for her kids. A time table is drawn indicating about food items to be consumed. Moreover the modern dwellings do not have playground. A kid is confined to study, eating, mobile, TV and sleeping. Such a routine hampers health. Besides, affinity to junk food further aggravates the problem.

So is the case with pet animals. People are not able to take them for daily walk. They do not give adequate exercise to them. Houses are so small that pets do not get enough space to move. They become fat.

Many a times a treatment for excessive weight has to be taken.

Thus the story has some reality. However for the sake of narration some fiction has also been added.

Talk about it

Answer: Perhaps Mrs. Pumphery was alone. She had kept a dog as her pet. She was pampering the dog a bit too much. She was overfeeding him. She appeared to be giving him wine and brandy also. The dog was not getting enough exercise. As a result, he became fat and lazy. His health deteriorated. He even started vomiting.

Person who believes in such pampering and over feeding can surely harm the society. Maintaining good health is priority for everyone.

Answer: Our society is full of such parents who overprotect and overfeed their children. They would feed their kids with junk foods. In the name of showering affection some parents would not allow their kids to participate in sports and other team activities. Such children are not able to keep good health and do not learn lesson of being together in society.

Answer: I would have advised Mrs. Pumphery to be realistic. I would have stopped overfeeding and over-protection of dog. I would have insisted on following advice of Dr. Harriot. Then the dog would have been an agile and healthy creature.

Answer: Being neighbour of such a rich lady would have been full of difficulties. More so because she had lot of affection towards her pet. Still I would have done my duty as a neighbour. I would have requested her not to overfeed her pet. I would have advised her to follow the instructions of veterinary doctor.

Answer: If I were the narrator, I would have conducted myself in the same manner. I would have treated Trcki with similar passion.

But I would have more sternly advised Mrs. Pumphery to reduce food intake of Tricki. I would have explained that she was harming health of Tricki by giving her over-protection. A pet needs to play a lot and walk a lot to remain healthy.

I would not have consumed eggs, wine and brandy sent by her. I would have returned these while handing over Tricki to her.



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