Unseen Passage is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


Passage 1

Q.1.What benefits globalisation has given to businessmen and companies?

Businessmen make huge profits because they get low cost labour in poor countries. It is a big opportunity for companies to deal with worldwide market.

Q 2. What opportunity globalisation has given to traders?

Traders are extending their area of business by considering the whole world as a global village.

Q 3. What was the pressure from the rich countries in the 1990’s?

Rich countries pressurized poor and developing countries to allow then to spread their businesses by opening their market.

Q 4. What is the effect of multinational brands entering the Indian market?

Traders are extending their area of business by considering the whole world as a global village.

Q 5. According to the passage, what was the major revolution in Indian market after globalisation?

The major revolution occurred when multinational brands came to India and started delivering a wide range of quality product at cheap prices.

Q 6. How have the foreign products affected the local industry adversely?

Globalisation has adversely affected by resulting into job loss to poor and uneducated workers. Many small scale industries have closed down.

Q 7. What is the benefit of globalisation in agriculture sector?

It has brought brought varieties of quality seeds which have disease resistance property.

Q 8. What advantage has occurred to Indian universities?

Indian universities have benefitted because of collaboration with foreign universities.

Q 9. Why change has not been good for farmers?

The change is not good for the poor Indian farmers because the seeds and agricultural technologies are costly.

Q 10. When was globalisation started in India?

  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1988
  • 1992


Q 11. After liberalisation, prices of consumer goods in India

  • Increased
  • Did not change
  • Decreased
  • No information is available


Q 12. Which word in the fourth para mean ‘huge benefit’?

  • Flooded
  • Bonanza
  • Adversely
  • Great Extent


Q 13. In which sector collaboration between Indian and foreign entities has happened?

  • Consumer goods
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Education



Vocabulary Building

GlobalisationConsidering world as global village
RestrictionConstraint, Limitation
TradersBusinessman, People who buy and sell
ToiletriesArticles used in washing and taking care of body
AdverselyHarmfully, Negatively
Cut-throatIntense, Ruthless
BonanzaHuge benefit, Boon
LiberalisationBeing liberal,


Passage 2

Q 1. To whom does success come certainly?

Success is certain to those who are sincere, hard-working, loyal and committed to their goals.


Q 2. What are the basic things in life so that success smiles on us?

Success smiles on those who have a proper approach, planning, vision and stamina. A proper timely application of all these things is bound to bear fruit.


Q 3. What did great men have in plenty to rise to the peak of success?

All great men had sincerity, passion, punctuality and commitment. Thus they could rise to the peak of success.


Q 4. How should failure be considered?

Failure should be considered as the pillars of success as they are our stepping-stones and we must get up and start again and be motivated.


Q 5. Which quality does not have any substitute?

There is no substitute for hard labour. It alone can take one to the peak of success.


Q 6. Fill in balance with appropriate word or phrase :
(a) Indecision and insincerity are big __________ on the path to success.
(b) Goals have to be pursued with ________ and _________.
(c) Ratio of perspiration in success is ________ .

(a) obstacles
(b) sincerity and passion.
(c) 95%


Q 7. What is the greatest motivation for human being?
(a) Patience
(b) Hard work
(c) Success
(d) Inspiration



Q 8. Which is of the following is not the basic requirement of success?
(a) Capability
(b) Capacity
(c) Resources
(d) Education



Q 9. Which word in para 2 is synonym of ‘hurdles’?
(a) Purposes
(b) Obstacles
(c) Means
(d) Goals


Vocabulary Building

CommittedPledged to certain action
Bear fruitGive desired results
Clarity Being clear
ObstacleHurdle, Barrier, Difficulty
PursueFollow, Chase, Try to achieve
LackAbsence, Shortage
ObstructionBarrier, Obstacle
PeakHighest point, Summit, Zenith
PersistenceDetermination, Dedication
PerseveranceNot giving up, Endurance


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