Note Making is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


(Example 1)

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:


Q 1. Make notes on the above passage using proper abbreviations and suggest a suitable title.

Q 2. Write a summary of the above passage in about 80 words

Title of the passage: Television – Good and Bad

Note Making

  1. Good about TV

         1.1 Helps if selective watching

         1.2 Increases knowledge

         1.3 Helps undrstg. sc. med. and arts

         1.4 Good for old and patients

         1.5 Non –native people

            1.5.1 Formal language practice

            1.5.2 Vocab increase

            1.5.3 Listening practice

     2. Bad effect on children

         2.1 Poor conctn

         2.2 –ve influence on life

         2.3 Can turn violt

     3. Effect of body and mind

         3.1 Bad for eyes and brain

         3.2 Creates dissatsfn

         3.3 Delay in solving real life

     4. Other impact

         4.1 Copy TV life

         4.2 Get upset

         4.3 Less active

Key to abbreviation
undrstg. understanding
sc. science
med. medicine
vocab vocabulary
conctn concentration
-ve negative
violt violent
dissatsfn dissatisfaction


Selective viewing of TV helps us increase our knowledge. It helps in understanding science, medicine and arts. Old people and patient find a means of entertainment in TV. TV is a medium for practising language, vocabulary increase and listening skills. TV has a bad impact on children. It reduces their concentration, has negative influence on their life and can turn them into violent personalities. TV is bad for our eyes and can adversely affect our brain. TV creates dissatisfaction with life because  real life is different from reel life. One becomes lazy and inactive. We start copying the life style shown in TV.



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