Q 1. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing appropriate word from the options given

(a) Hari was very kind ____ his employees.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) towards

(iv) to

Answer (iv)

(b) It was so kind ____ Hari to help every employee.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) about

(iv) to

Answer (i)

(c) One should be careful ______ one’s health

(i) on

(ii) of

(iii) about

(iv) to

Answer (iii)

(d) Please take good care ____ your health.

(i) on

(ii) with

(iii) about

(iv) of

Answer (iv)

Q 2. In following para one word has been omitted from each line. Write the missing word. Also write the word that comes before and the word that comes after the missing word.

Before Missing After
The enemy inside our borders. enemy is our
Who is thoughtless to think that (a)
he capture our country? (b)
He is a youth fights with great (c)
courage ferocity (d)


(a) is, so, thoughtless

(b) he, can, capture

(c) youth, who, fights

(d) courage, and, ferocity

Q 3. Complete the following para by filling in the blanks by suitable word.


(a) or

(b) have been

(c) and

(d) were

Q 4. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing the appropriate phrase from the options given.

(a) Unfortunately, rural life in many countries _______ for centuries.

(i) has been progressing

(ii) is stagnating

(iii) is developing

(iv) has been stagnating

Answer (iv)

(b) The tragedy is that human populations have taken this poor state of affairs ___, something unalterable.

(i) for granted

(ii) by destiny

(iii) certainly

(iv) by chance

Answer (i)

(c) Every _______ hope has gone out of their lives.

(i) chance of

(ii) opportunity by

(iii) blessing in

(iii) ray of

Answer (iv)

(d) This principle was also part ______ of their freedom struggle.

(i) of the legacy

(ii) due to achievement

(iii) of the contention

(iv) of the problem

Answer (i)




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