Q 1. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing appropriate word from the options given

(a) Hari Singh was charged ______ murder.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) about

(iv) to

Answer: (ii)

(b) Sushila is very anxious ______ health of her husband.

(i) for

(ii) of

(iii) at

(iv) about

Answer: (iv)

(c) Sunil kept on working diligently. Finally fortune smiled ____ him.

(i) on

(ii) over

(iii) about

(iv) at

Answer: (i)

(d) Sohan has been investing regularly. Now he is free ____ all debts.

(i) on

(ii) from

(iii) for

(iv) of

Answer: (ii)

Q 2. In following para one word has been omitted from each line. Write the missing word. Also write the word that comes before and the word that comes after the missing word.

Before Missing After
You have had a quarrel with your friend quarrel with your
and are not talking terms with him. (a)
Write a letter your sister seeking (b)
her advice this situation. You (c)
surely want to his friend once again. (d)


(a) not, on, talking

(b) letter, to, your

(c) advice, in, this

(d) to, be, friends

Q 3. Complete the following para by filling in the blanks by suitable word.



(b) becoming 

(c) their

(d) to

Q 4. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing the appropriate phrase from the options given.

(a) Some such food combinations are those that are prepared in our kitchens ______ regular basis.

(i) during a

(ii) in a

(iii) on a

(iv) about a

Answer: (iii)

(b) This food combination is popular among children who ______ diligent about getting iron in their diet.

(i) need

(ii) requiring

(iii) need to be

(iv) exercise

Answer: (iii)

(c) They all stand their ground and make of such a loud noise that panther has no other choice ________quietly.

(i) and left

(ii) but to leave

(iii) and jumps away

(iv) but ran away

Answer: (ii)

(d) Contrary __________ belief, the panther never springs upon its prey.

(i) by common

(ii) to common

(iii) at common

(iv) about common

Answer: (ii)




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