Q 1. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing appropriate word from the options given

(a) He died ____ fever.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) from

(iv) to

Answer (i)

(b) He is suffering _____ fever.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) from

(iv) to

Answer (iii)

(c) He is sick ___ fever.

(i) on

(ii) with

(iii) from

(iv) to

Answer (ii)

(d) He was born ___ rich parents.

(i) on

(ii) from

(iii) by

(iv) of

Answer (iv)

Q 2. In following para one word has been omitted from each line. Write the missing word. Also write the word that comes before and the word that comes after the missing word.

Before Missing After
We thank our elders for our comfort. We must thank
They bear hardship that we not suffer. (a)
We not be ungrateful to our friends. (b)
They be miles apart now, but continue (c)
to close to our hearts (d)


(a) we, do, not

(b) We, should, not

(c) They, may, be

(d) to, be, close

Q 3. Complete the following para by filling in the blanks by suitable word.


(a) an

(b) does not

(c) who

(d) of

Q 4. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing the appropriate phrase from the options given.

(a) Intelligence is the basic knowledge of life which ________into knowing.

(i) has been converted

(ii) is kept

(iii) is transformed

(iv) has been stored

Answer (iii)

(b) The strength to act _______ helps in obliterating fear, remorse and conflicts within.


(i) intelligence

(ii) intelligently

(iii) intelligential

(iv) intelligent

Answer (ii)

(c) The art of understanding suffuses us _______.

(i) with wise

(ii) with wisdom

(iii) with wisely

(iv) with wisest

Answer (ii)

(d) Meditation provides necessary strength to surrender ______ and be with oneself.

(i) by oneself

(ii) for oneself

(iii) to oneself

(iv) for others

Answer (iii)




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