Q 1. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing appropriate word from the options given

(a) My father was displeased _____ me.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) from

(iv) to

Answer (ii)

(b) By brother takes delight ______ playing cricket.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) from

(iv) in

Answer (iv)

(c) Everyone was astonished ____ her magnificent performance in final event.

(i) on

(ii) with

(iii) at

(iv) to

Answer (iii)

(d) Her parents were left wondering ____ her oratory skill.

(i) on

(ii) at

(iii) by

(iv) of

Answer (ii)

Q 2. In following para one word has been omitted from each line. Write the missing word. Also write the word that comes before and the word that comes after the missing word.

Before Missing After
The biggest threat health is air pollution. threat to health
Industries located cities also (a)
add air pollution. The Government (b)
must act prevent pollution so that (c)
people lead healthy life. (d)


(a) located, in, cities

(b) add, to, air

(c) act, to , prevent

(d) people, can, lead

Q 3. Complete the following para by filling in the blanks by suitable word.


(a) over

(b) who

(c) about

(d) in

Q 4. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing the appropriate phrase from the options given.

(a) The question is – should we give way to young force to ____?

(i) follow elders

(ii) take the lead

(iii) run away

(iv) rule us

Answer (ii)

(b) There is no fear of failure nor is there any insecurity ___ their future.

(i) of

(ii) in

(iii) to

(iv) about

Answer (iv)

(c) We can offer them the ______ decide and to encourage them with fresh ideas.


(i) freedom about

(ii) freedom to

(iii) freedom in

(iv) Freedom of

Answer (ii)

(d) My son started ________ me when he reached the age of 10.

(i) laughing on

(ii) laughing over

(iii) laughing at

(iv) laughing by

Answer (iii)



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