Q 1. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing appropriate word from the options given

(a) One should pray ___ God every day.

(i) of

(ii) with

(iii) about

(iv) to

Answer: (iv)

(b) The owner of the business is ignorant ______ the facts.

(i) by

(ii) of

(iii) from

(iv) about

Answer: (ii)

(c) Every employee requested the owner to have pity _______ them.

(i) on

(ii) over

(iii) about

(iv) to

Answer: (i)

(d) The owner does not have pity _______ his employees.

(i) on

(ii) at

(iii) for

(iv) of

Answer: (iii)

Q 2. In following para one word has been omitted from each line. Write the missing word. Also write the word that comes before and the word that comes after the missing word.

Before Missing After
I could not write you write to you
earlier my new school. (a)
The teachers are kind the other girls (b)
are very nice I miss my old friends. (c)
I will explain more I meet you. (d)


(a) earlier, about, my

(b) kind, and other

(c) nice, but, I

(d) more, when, meet

Q 3. Complete the following para by filling in the blanks by suitable word.


(a) out

(b) are

(c) were

(d) to

Q 4. Fill in the blanks in following sentences choosing the appropriate phrase from the options given.

(a) I would like to see myself as a good photographer _____ than a good doctor.

(i) instead

(ii) rather

(iii) better

(iv) superior

Answer: (ii)

(b) In case a student _________ graphic design in his college, he can easily find a job in advertising or animation industry.

(i) is taking up

(ii) has been taking up

(iii) has taken up

(iv) had been taken up

Answer: (iii)

(c) As the world globalizes, the need for a formal degree or certificate is ______ considered the basic requirement for success.

(i) less

(ii) no longer

(iii) minimum

(iv) at least

Answer: (ii)

(d) Globalisation is bringing lot of opportunities and has made youngsters opt for a career _____ interests.

(i) as per his

(ii) as per those

(iii) as per her

(iv) as per their

Answer: (iv)




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