Q 1. Re-arrange following words / phrases to form a meaningful sentence –

(a) own / you / book / convenience / can enjoy /a / at your.

Answer: You can enjoy a book at your own convenience.

(b) work / and / play / different / things / they / see / as / two

Answer: They see work and play as two different things.

(c) of most / nowadays / the attitude / parents is / different.

Answer: Nowadays the attitude of most parents is different

(d) the fast / grapes / is/ recommended / and oranges / during / juice of lemons

Answer: The juice of lemons, grapes and oranges is recommended during the fast.

(e) rain water / flooding / helps / harvesting / in / chances of / reducing

Answer: Rain water harvesting helps in reducing chances of flooding.

Q 2. Re-arrange following words / phrases to form a meaningful sentence –

(a) out / the / street/ earthquake / another / on / people /came / fearing

Answer: People came out on the street fearing  another earthquake.

(b) vegetation growth / in / storing / rainwater / can / help / improving

Answer: Storing rainwater can help in improving vegetation growth.

(c) go together / duties /should / discipline / and rights / with

Answer: Duties and rights should go together with discipline.

(d) equally important / they should be / treated / in / life /as

Answer: They should be treated as equally important in life.

(e) have / respected / been / immemorial / teachers/ time / since

Answer: Teachers have been respected since time immemorial.

Q 3. Re-arrange following words / phrases to form a meaningful sentence –

(a) for his or her / it is parents / in the society / who prepare / life / the child

Answer: It is parents who prepare the child for his or her life in the society.

(b) progressive society / teachers / are / of a sound / one of the / and / main pillars

Answer: Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society.

(c) human travellers / animals /unlike / to/ guide / maps / have / do not/ them

Answer: Animals, unlike human travellers, do not have maps to guide them.

(d) the remote / the channel/ to change / get up / from the sofa / instead of using

Answer: Get up from the sofa to change the channel instead of using the remote.

(e) the room during / walk up /the stairs /or around / and down / commercial breaks

Answer: Walk up and down the stairs or around the room during commercial breaks.



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