Q I. Please convert following sentences into passive voice

1. Everyone loves kids

Answer: Kids are loved by everyone

2. The carpenter is making a table.

Answer: A table is being made by the carpenter.

3. Ram opened the gate

Answer: The gate was opened by Ram

4. Sunil will complete his assignment tonight.

Answer: His assignment will be completed by Sunil tonight.

5. Who has thrown these important papers?

Answer: By whom these important papers have been thrown.

6. The tiger killed the elephant.

Answer: The elephant was killed by the tiger.

7. We motivated Sunil to accept the promotion

Answer: Sunil was motivated by us to accept promotion.

8. A young person pulled chain of the train.

Answer: Chain of the train was pulled by a young person.

9. The brave girl chased the thief.

Answer: The goat was chased by the brave girl.

10. A dog ate our all food.

Answer: Our all food was eaten by a dog.


Q II. Please convert following sentences into active voice

1. The boy was bitten by a snake.

Answer: A snake bit the boy.

2. The thief was caught.

Answer: They caught the thief.

3. The ship was burned.

Answer: Somebody burned the ship.

4. The bird was killed by a hunter.

Answer: Hunter killed the bird.

5. He is liked by all.

Answer: All like him.

6. The exhibition was inaugurated by a famous actor.

Answer: A famous actor inaugurated the exhibition.

7. Some crop was damaged by rain.

Answer: Rain damaged some crop.

8. He was cheated by his own brother.

Answer: His own brother cheated him.

9. Crop is taken care of by farmer.

Answer: Farmer takes care of crop.

10. The light was put off.

Answer: Somebody had put the light off.





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