Q I. Please convert following sentences into passive voice

1. A stone struck me on my right hand.

Answer: My right hand was struck by a stone.

2. The man cut down the tree.

Answer: The tree was cut down by the man.

3. Alexander invaded India.

Answer: India was invaded by Alexander.

4. Teacher praised her students.

Answer: Students were praised by their teacher.

5. I will write a book for teenagers.

Answer: A book for teenagers will be written by me.

6. I will obtain more marks than he obtains.

Answer: More marks will be obtained by me than he obtains.

7. He kept me waiting.

Answer: I was asked to wait by him.

8. Sunil threw the ball against the wall.

Answer: The ball was thrown against the wall by Sunil..

9. Rohit obtained 95 percent marks.

Answer: 95 percent marks were obtained by Rohit.

10. Manners reveal character.

Answer: Character is revealed by manners.


Q II. Please convert following sentences into active voice

1. Nothing will be gained by hurrying

Answer: Hurrying will not give you any gain.

2. Great achievements have been resulted by consistent efforts.

Answer: Consistent efforts have resulted into great achievements.

3. The principal was pleased by the excellent performance of students.

Answer: Excellent performance of students pleased the Principal.

4. TV is sold here.

Answer: They sell TV here.

5. The ticket was booked last night.

Answer: He booked the ticket last night

6. My old car has been sold by me.

Answer: I have sold my old car.

7. It will soon be forgotten by people.

Answer: People will forget it soon.

8. This school was opened last year.

Answer: They opened this school last year.

9. Smoking is prohibited here.

Answer: We prohibit smoking here.

10. The enemy has been defeated by our army.

Answer: Our army has defeated enemy.





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