Q I. Please convert following sentences into passive voice

1. We saw you.

Answer: You were seen by us.

2. They asked me my hometown.

Answer: I was asked about my hometown by them.

3. We refused them entry to the school.

Answer: They were refused entry to the school by us.

4. I bought a toy for my daughter.

Answer: A toy was bought by me for my daughter.

For my daughter a toy was bought by me.

5. They held him guilty for the theft.

Answer: He was held guilty for theft by them.

6. You cannot take out all the water from river.

Answer: All the water from riven cannot be taken out.

7. They saw the approaching car.

Answer: Approaching car was seen by them.

8. The painted the temple yellow.

Answer: The temple was painted yellow by them.

9. The boss ordered me to leave the office.

Answer: I was ordered by the boss to leave the office.

10. My husband promised to give me a present.

Answer: I was promised by my husband to give me a present.

A present was promised to me by my husband.


Q II. Please convert following sentences into active voice

1. She was praised by her mother.

Answer: Her mother praised her.

2. The first toy was brought by my grandfather.

Answer: My grandfather brought the first toy.

3. The child was frightened by the loud noise.

Answer: Loud noise frightened the child.

4. Not an objection was raised by the supervisor.

Answer: Supervisor did not raise any objection.

5. He was taken to the hospital by his friends.

Answer: His friends took him to hospital.

6. The town was submerged by a sudden flood.

Answer: A sudden flood submerged the town.

7. This novel was written by RK Laxman

Answer: RK Laxman wrote this novel.

8. The king was welcomed by his ministers.

Answer: His ministers welcomed the king.

9. I was surprised by his lazy appearance.

Answer: His lazy appearance surprised me.

10. In this factory cars are being built by robots.

Answer: Robots are building cars in this factory.



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