Q I. Please convert following sentences into passive voice

1. His all friends laughed at him for his ignorance.

Answer: He was laughed at by all his friends for his ignorance.

2. This institute uses video lectures to teach its students.

Answer: Video lectures are used by this institute to teach its students.

3. One should keep one’s promises.

Answer: Promises should be kept.

4. When will you return my money?

Answer: When will my money be returned by you?

5. I saw him opening the safe.

Answer: He was seen by me opening the safe.

6. We must listen to him.

Answer: He must be listened to by us.

7. Shall I ever forget this adventure?

Answer: Will this adventure be ever forgotten by me?

8. His colleagues alleged him of misconduct.

Answer: He was alleged by his colleagues of misconduct.

9. Floods have damaged the main road.

Answer: The main road has been damaged by floods.

10. My mother takes care of me.

Answer: I am taken care of by my mother.


Q II. Please convert following sentences into active voice

1. The trees were uprooted by strong wind.

Answer: Strong wind uprooted trees.

2. We will be appreciated by every member of family.

Answer: Every member of family will appreciate us.

3. The old man was hit by speeding car.

Answer: A speeding car hit the old man.

4. He will be greatly surprised by his colleagues.

Answer: His colleagues will greatly surprise him.

5. My book has been stolen.

Answer: Someone has stolen my book.

6. By whom was this window broken?

Answer: Who broke this window?

7. Let him not be called

Answer: Do not call him.

8. Let a song be sung by her.

Answer: Let her sing a song.

9. You are requested to call him.

Answer: Please call him.

10. A plan was being made by him to go to Jaipur.

Answer: He was planning to go to Jaipur.





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