Q I. Please convert following sentences into passive voice

1. Hurray! I have cleared the fitness test.

Answer: Hurray! The fitness test has been cleared by me.

2. May you always remain healthy.

Answer: May you be blessed to remain healthy.

3. Who can believe a thief?

Answer: By whom can a thief be believed.

4. Please give me a laptop.

Answer: You are requested to give me a laptop.

5. Alas! We shall not hear his song again.

Answer: Alas! His songs will not be heard again.

6. New Delhi hosted the inaugural Asian Games.

Answer: The inaugural Asian Games were held at New Delhi.


The inaugural Asian Games were hosted by New Delhi.

7. Do not insult the weak.

Answer: Let the weak not be insulted

8. All desire fame and some achieve it.

Answer: Fame is desired by all and acquired by some.

9. Why are you accusing me?

Answer: Why I am being accused by you?

10. I lost my bag

Answer: My bag was lost.


Q II. Please convert following sentences into active voice

1. He was appointed head-boy by the teacher.

Answer: The teacher appointed him head-boy.

2. People knew him as a thief.

Answer: He was known as a thief.

3. People regard him as a person of virtue.

Answer: He is regarded as person of virtue.

4. A circle was drawn in the playground by children

Answer: The children drew a circle in the playground.

5. The entire building will be destroyed by police.

Answer: Police will destroy the entire building.

6. You had been warned earlier also by us.

Answer: We had warned you earlier also.

7. All details about the new rule has been published by government.

Answer: Government has published all details about the new rule.

8. Were you explained by him what to do?

Answer: Did he explain to you what to do?

9. Son was seen playing a guitar in a hotel by his father.

Answer: Father saw his son playing guitar in a hotel.

10. Price of its cars has been lowered by Maruti.

Answer: Maruti has lowered price of its cars.




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