Q I. Please convert following sentences into indirect speech

1. Sohan says, “There is no water in the jug.”

Answer: Sohan says there is no water in the jug.

2. Grandfather says, “I was lazy during my childhood.”

Answer: Grandfather says he was lazy during his childhood.

3.Sunil said, “Ram is playing football.”

Answer: Sunil said Ram was playing football.

4. Teacher informed, “All students have completed home-work.”

Answer: Teacher informed that all students had completed home-work.

5. The thief will say, “I did not come to the building.”

Answer: The thief will say that he did not come to the building.

6. Father said, “My son came in the evening.”

Answer: Father said that his son had come in the evening.

7. Mother informed, “She will go to a beauty parlour tomorrow.”

Answer: Mother informed that she would go to beauty parlour the next day.

8. Rahul said, “His all friends were laughing at the limping dog.”

Answer: Rahul said that his all friends had been laughing at the limping dog.

9. Teacher explained to students, “The Earth revolves around the Sun.”

Answer: Teacher explained to students that the Earth revolves around the Sun.

10. The priest asked Manju, “Why are you crying.”

Answer: The priest asked Manju why she was crying.


Q II. Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph that follows

Sunil : Where can we meet tomorrow?

Anil : I may not be able to meet you tomorrow.

Sunil : Are you going to be busy?

Anil : Yes, I will be travelling tomorrow.

Sunil asked Anil (a) ________. Anil replied that (b) _________. Sunil asked Anil (c) _________. Anil replied that (d) _________.


(a) where they could meet the next day

(b) he might not be able to meet Sunil the next day

(c) if he was going to be busy

(d) he would be travelling the next day.



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