Q I. Please convert following sentences into indirect speech

1. Rita explained, “I have completed cooking.”

Answer: Rita explained that she had completed cooking.

2. Son said, “Father appreciates me.”

Answer: Son said that father appreciated him.

3. Rohit said to Sunil, “You are a strong person.”

Answer: Rohit told to Sunil that he was a strong person.

4. Ram said to me, “She is coming today.”

Answer: Ram told me that she was coming that day.

5. John informed everybody, “Tom may reach tomorrow.”

Answer: John informed everybody that Tom might reach the next day.

6. The team felt, “The weather was better today.”

Answer: The team felt that the weather was better that day.

7. Aakash informed, “I went to my home town yesterday.”

Answer: Aakash informed that he had gone to his home town the day before.

8. I asked my friend, “Where do you live.”

Answer: I asked my friend where his house was.

9. The thief said to the judge, “Please grant me pardon.”

Answer: The thief begged the judge to grant him pardon.

10. He said to his son, “May you always remain healthy.”

Answer: He blessed his son that he might always remain healthy.


Q II. Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph that follows

Owner : Why are you putting wax on car tyres?

Driver : It makes these last for more time and prevents from drying.

Owner : Is it like applying lotion on your skin? (he has asked jokingly)

Driver : Yes. I think now you have understood.

Owner asked driver (a) ________. Driver explained that (b) _________. Owner jokingly asked driver (c) _________. Driver agreed and responded that (d) ____________.


(a) why was he applying wax on car tyres

(b) it made those last for more time and prevented from drying

(c) if it was like applying location on skin

(d) he thought the owner had then understood




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