Q I. Please convert following sentences into indirect speech

1. Teacher said to me, “Bravo! You have topped the exam.”

Answer: Teacher appreciated me saying that I had topped the exam.

2. The Principal said, “Sunil will fail in class 10 unless he starts working hard.”

Answer: The Principal said that Sunil would fail in class 10 unless he started working hard.

3. Raman will say, “Virat is the best batsman in the world.”

Answer: Raman will say that Virat is the best batsman in the world.

4. Raman said, “Anil goes to temple every Monday.”

Answer: Raman said that Anil went to temple every Monday.

5. John informed everybody, “I had completed my assignment two days ago.”

Answer: John informed everybody that he had completed his assignment two days before.

6. Suhani said, “I had been taking treatment for cancer since last two year.”

Answer: Suhani said that she had been taking treatment for cancer since past two years.

7. Aakash asked Sunil, “Who came to your house in the morning.”

Answer: Aakash asked Sunil who had come to his house in the morning.

8. He said to me, “You have helped my brother.”

Answer: He told me that I had helped his brother

9. He said to me, “Please help my brother.”

Answer: He requested me to help his brother

10. He said to the clerk, “When is the next train to Jaipur.”

Answer: He enquired from the clerk when was the next train to Jaipur.


Q II. Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph that follows

Doctor : Have you got the tests done?

Paul : Yes, I have got it done.

Doctor : Please show me the report.

Paul : I did not bring the report with me.

Doctor : Please bring report and then consult me.

Doctor asked Paul (a) _________. Paul confirmed that (b) _______. Dcotor asked Paul (c) ________ to him. Paul answered that (d) ______. Doctor advised Paul (e) _____ and then consult him.


(a) If he had got the tests done

(b) he had got it done

(c) to show the report

(d) he had not brought the report with him

(e) to bring the report




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