Q I. Please convert following sentences into indirect speech

1. Teacher said to me, “Why you have not deposited your fees.”

Answer: The teacher asked me why I had not deposited my fees

2. The Major said to his soldiers, “Attack! Kill every enemy.”

Answer: The Major ordered his soldiers to attack and kill every enemy..

3. The teacher said, “What a foolish boy you are.”

Answer: The teacher scolded me by saying that I was a foolish boy.

4. The school coach said to me, “Do you want to play hockey.”

Answer: The school coach asked me if I wanted to play hockey.

5. “You are old enough to earn your living on your own”, said the father to his son

Answer: The father told his son that he was old enough to earn his living on his own.

6. “It gives me a great pleasure to address students of this school”, said the chief guest.

Answer: The chief guest said that it gave a great pleasure to him to address students of that school.

7. The monitor complained, “All students were singing in the class.”

Answer: The monitor complained that all students had been singing in the class.

8. Shashi declared, “I will do my best in sports.”

Answer: Shashi declared that he would do his best in sports.

9. The officer said to the soldier, “You have done your duty very well.”

Answer: The officer told soldier that he had done his duty very well.


The officer appreciated the soldier by saying that he had done his duty very well

10. Shopkeeper said to police, “The theft had occurred last night.”

Answer: The shopkeeper informed police that the theft had occurred the previous night.


Q II. Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph that follows

Daughter : Did you make a call to my Physics tutor?

Father : No, I did not.

Daughter : Please call him and let me know if he is coming today.

Father : Did he inform you anything yesterday.

Daughter : He had told me to get confirmation today.

Father : I will contact him and let you know.

Daughter asked her father (a) ______. Father replied that (b) ______. Daughter requested her father (c) __________. Father enquired (d) _______. Daughter replied that (e) ____________. Father assured her daughter that (f) _______.


(a) if he had made a call to her Physics tutor

(b) he had not made a call

(c) to make a call to him and let her know if he was coming on that day

(d) if he had informed anything on the previous day

(e) he had asked to get confirmation on this day

(f) he would contact the tutor and let her know




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