Q I. Please convert following sentences into indirect speech

1. My father said to me, “I have often told you not to waste your time.”

Answer: My father told me that he had often told me not to waste my time.

2. My friend mailed me, “I cannot come immediately because I am sick.”

Answer: My friend sent me a mail stating that he could not come immediately because he was sick.

3. The King said to his sons, “I will not give you even a penny from my property.”

Answer: The King told his sons that he would not give them even a penny from his property.

4. The notice reads, “Tomorrow will be a holiday in the school.”

Answer: The notice reads that next day will be a holiday in the school.

5. “Would you like to buy a new novel”, mother asked her daughter

Answer: Mother asked her daughter if she would like to buy a new novel.

6. Father said to son, “Be a brave person”.

Answer: Father advised his son to be a brave person.

7. The little boy said, “What a lovely flower.”

Answer: The little boy exclaimed that it was a lovely flower.

8. She said, “What a cheat you are.”

Answer: She cursed him that he was a big cheat.

9. The judge said to the prisoner, “Tell the truth.”

Answer: The judge ordered the prisoner to tell the truth.

10. Mr. Singh said, “Wow! I have won the first prize.”

Answer: Mr. Singh exclaimed with joy that he had won the first prize.


Q II. Read the conversation below and complete the paragraph that follows

Salesman : Good Morning. How can I help you madam?

Sunita : I want to buy a pure silk saari.

Salesman : We have lot of variety.

Salesman : Please sit here. I will show you some good saaris.

Sunita : Please do not show red colour saaris.

Salesman : Yes madam.

Slaesman greeted Sunita by saying Good Morning and asked her (a) ____. Sunita replied that (b) ________. Salesman informed that (c) _____. Salesman requested Sunita to sit and further said that (d) ______. Sunita asked the salesman (e) ____. Salesman agreed.


(a)how he could help her

(b) she wanted to buy a pure silk saari

(c) they have lot of variety

(d) he would show her some good saaris

(e) not to show red colour saaris



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