Q 1. Please write a story in 150 to 200 words based on the following clues.


Be Kind to All

A boy used to go to jungle every day. He would collect woods and fruits from there to sell in the market. It was his only source of income to feed himself. He was an orphan.

One day in the jungle he noticed that a lion was crying in pain. It was repeatedly lifting its one paw. The boy was afraid but he decided to look at the paw. He noticed a thorn in the paw. The boy gathered all his courage to go near the lion. He removed the thorn. The lion went away.

After about 10 years the boy grew to become a young person and joined army. Somehow the King got angry with him and asked him to be thrown in front of a hungry lion in the jungle. The lion came running towards him. But stopped near him. It was the same lion the man had helped ten years ago. The lion had recognized  him. It licked his feet and went away.

This was reported to the King. The King was really surprised. The young man narrated the earlier incident to the King. The King forgave him and restored his job.

Moral: Being kind pays rich dividends.


Q 2. Please write a story in 150 to 200 words based on the following clues.



Mathew’s father was a strict disciplinarian. There were rules for almost everything in the house. Strict timelines, dress codes and code of conduct during eating had to be adhered to.

14 year old Mathew found it very difficult to adhere to such a strict regime. The rules left little room for him for creativity. He talked to his mother but she too expressed her helplessness. Mathew was always thinking of altering rules to some extent to make living a bit different and enjoyable.

One Sunday he was ordered to have a haircut. While walking towards hair saloon he realisied that the only rule specified was to have short hair. He asked the barber to give him mushroom cut hair style. It consisted of short hair on the skull and shorter hair around temples

Proudly he walked into his house. His father looked at him. His face was full of anger. Mathews replied that he had followed the rule. His style had short and shorter hair. His father looked at Mathew for a second and then burst into laughter. Thereafter father allowed Mathew some leniency in the rules. Mathew was happy.

Moral: Creativity is the key to happiness


Q 3. Please write a story in 150 to 200 words based on the picture given below.

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Always Be Careful

That evening there was little traffic on the 50 feet wide infront of my house. The sharp curve on eastern side restricted view of any vehicle coming from that direction. A small boy was riding his bicycle on the road. He was a student of class five in my school. He was a novice. His mother was supervising him.

A Maruti car slowly emerged from the sharp curve. The mother loudly advised the boy to remain in his side. But the boy misunderstood. He started crossing the road. The driver applied break. But corner the car hit the rear tyre of bicycle.

The boy fell on the road. The driver hurriedly got down from the car. Mother rushed to her son. I ran towards the spot. No injury had occurred to the boy. There was damage to the bicycle.

Driver apologized. But mother said that it was mistake of her son. She thanked the driver for driving so slow.

Elders of locality had many times approached municipal authorities to smoothen the curve. Next morning they filed an RTI in the court. Within a week the curve was corrected.

We all heaved a sigh of relief.

Moral: Being truthful is a great virtue.





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