1. Give a title to the story.
  2. Write at least three paragraphs.
  3. Leave one line blank between title of the story and first paragraph.
  4. Leave one line blank between two consecutive paragraphs.
  5. Leave one line blank between end of the last para and moral of story.
  6. Use short sentences.
  7. Write correct spelling of each word.
  8. Follow rules of grammar.
  9. Try to include suspense or sudden change of events or value based aspects.
  10. If some cues are given in the question, story should include every cue given in the question.
  11. We recommend to use the first cue in the first line of the story.
  12. If a picture is given in the question, the theme of the story should revolve around the picture.
  13. Please remember that relevance to cues and picture gets extra marks.
  14. The end of the story should look logical, appropriate and suitable.
  15. Write moral of story.


  1. Do not exceed word limit.
  2. Do not use slang words.
  3. Do not use vulgar words.
  4. Do not use complicated words.
  5. Do not include controversial statements.

Three types of questions are asked in exam

  1. A value based story based old folk lore – cues are given
  2. Story based on a situation – cues are given
  3. Story based on a picture


Story writing involves some imagination and creativity. Textbooks contain a variety of texts to widen horizon of thought process of student. Still one would need to read many books / short stories / novels other than those prescribed in curriculum. In fact this habit should be cultured from the early childhood and be retained throughout the life. Books are the best friends of a person.

Stories narrated by parents, grandparents and elders come very handy in writing stories. Some student might be reading comics like Phantom, Chin-Chin, Motu-Patlu, Billoo, Micky Mouse etc. Some magazines like Champak, Nandan, Chandamama etc also help a lot in building vocabulary and thought process. Folk lore is yet another source of good stories.

Value based discussion within family helps a lot in writing answer to situation based questions. A discussion among friends about several situations and responses thereto is another source for development of thought process to answers situation based questions.

As such there is no panacea for immediate improvement. Please keep reading widely and it will gradually and steadily improve your writing skill.

Please do take care of grammar. Every grammatical and spelling error costs you marks. Practice rules of grammar in every sentence you speak or write. Practice makes one perfect.

Wish you best of efforts.




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