1. Write address and date in left top corner.

(a) The address should be as given in the question. If address is not given in the question write some common address like PQR Colony, New Delhi

(b) While writing date please write 20XX for year unless date is given in the question. You can choose one of the following three formats of date

8th March, 20XX

March 8, 20XX

8 March 20XX

For example

D 189, Saket,

New Delhi.

8th March 20XX

2. Write salutation and name of agency to whom the order was placed. This should be as given in the question. For example


The ABC Traders,

Mayur Vihar,

New Delhi.

3. Write subject. For example

Subject: Cancellation of order number 673 dated 20 Mar 20XX

4. Write salutation as Dear Sir / Madam

5. Para 1 – Make reference to the order number and briefly describe items ordered .

6. Para 2 – Explain the reason for cancellation of the order.

7. Para 3 – State very clearly that the order stands cancelled and the supplies shall not be accepted.

8. Para 4 – If advance was paid ask for returning the amount. Otherwise you need not write anything.

9. End your letter by writing

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

Your name as given in the question. If name is not given in the question please sign as ABC or XYZ etc.

10. Above will become clear to you after going through solved examples.



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