1. Write address and date in left top corner.

2. The address should be as given in the question. If address is not given in the question write some common address. You should  write name of city as PQR etc if it is not given in the question. .

3. While writing date please write 20XX for year unless date is given in the question. You can choose one of the following three formats of date

8th March, 20XX

March 8, 20XX

8 March 20XX


For example

D 189, Saket,

New Delhi.

8th March 20XX

4. Write salutation and name of newspaper as given in the question. For example


The Manager,

Customer Care,

ABC Organisation,

New Delhi

5. Write subject. For example

Subject: Enquiry about purchase of furniture items

6. Write salutation as Dear Sir / Madam

7. Para 1 – Give a reference to the advertisement to know about the supplier / service provider or write a line about the reputation of the supplier / service provider

8. Para 2 – Give a brief introduction of your organisation. If the letter is being written in a personal capacity, write a few words to introduce yourself.

9. Para 3 – Give details of items and their respective quantity (preferably in a tabular form) you intend to purchaser. Give details of information (preferably in numbered format) you are seeking from the service provider. Ask about taxes, price list and discount applicable.

10. Para 4 – Write ‘Thanking you.’

11. End your letter by writing

Yours Truly ,

Your name as given in the question. If name is not given in the question you should write XYZ.

12. Above will become clear to you after going through solved examples. 



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