1. Write your address and date in left top corner.

(a) The address should be as given in the question. If address is not given in the question write some common address. If address is not given you can write ABC Colony, Nagpur etc.  Never write your name. If name is not given in the question write your name as XYZ

(b) While writing date please write 20XX for year unless date is given in the question. You can choose one of the following three formats of date

8th March, 20XX

March 8, 20XX

8 March 20XX

For example

D 189, Saket,

New Delhi.

8th March 20XX

2. Write salutation, designation of contact person, name of company address as given in the question. For example 


Head Customer Care,

Electrical India,

New Delhi.

3. Write subject of complaint in brief. For example

Subject: Defective CFL supplied by your company

4. Write salutation as Dear Sir / Madam

5. Para 1 – Give details and date of transaction. For example

(a) I had purchased 20 CFL from your authorized dealer M/S ABC Stores on 05th Feb 20XX through bill number 123.

(b) I had placed an order for 80 chairs for our school with your dealer M/s ABC Stores on 7th Feb 20XX

6. Para 2 – Please state the problem in details, listing reasons and what grievances it has caused.

7. Para 3 – Please list out  what would you like them to do – replace / repair / refund / expedite. Please mention that you are attaching copy of relevant documents like cash memo / warranty / letter of order

8.  Para 4 – Please give a time line for corrective action. Also mention what other option you may exercise.

9.  End your letter by writing

Yours Sincerely,

Your name as given in the question. If name is not given write XYZ.

10. Please mention enclosures at the end of the letter.

11. Above will become clear to you after going through solved examples.




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