1. The letter with CV is also called a job application. It has two parts

(a) The covering letter

(b) Bio-data. It is also called resume , CV or Curriculum Vitae

Covering Letter

2. Write your name, address and date in left top corner.

(a) The address should be as given in the question. If address is not given in the question write some common address. Never write your  own name in the answer sheet. If name is not given in the question you should write XYZ. 

(b) While writing date please write 20XX for year unless date is given in the question. You can choose one of the following three formats of date

8th March, 20XX

March 8, 20XX

8 March 20XX

For example


D 189, Saket,

New Delhi.

8th March 20XX

3. Write name and / or designation of contact person and name of organisation as given in the question. For example


The Manager,

ABC Organisation,

New Delhi

4. Write subject. For example

Subject: Application for the post of Manager Sales

5. Write salutation as Dear Sir / Madam

6. Para 1 – Give a reference to source of information like advertisement in newspaper with date, through your website, through the job portal etc.

7. Para 2 – Briefly describe your education qualifications, professional qualifications, experience, competence and say that you are interested in the job.

8. Para 3 – Please mention that your bio-data is attached with this letter.

9. Para 4 – Write ‘Thanking you.’

10. End your letter by writing

Yours Truly

Your name as given in the question

Bio- data

11. Bio-data should include following

(a) Name

(b) Father’s Name

(c) Date of birth / Age

(d) Address

(e) Educational Qualifications

This can be given in a tabular format or one qualification in one line. You should indicate the exam passed, year of passing, name of board and percentage / grade scored

(f) Professional Qualifications

Indicate professional qualifications like certification in Microsoft Office, certification in public speaking, short term course in sports medicine, training in first aid, certification in martial arts etc

(g) Previous Experience

This can be given in tabular format or one experience  in one line. You should start from the most recent experience and then proceed to earlier ones

(h) Expected salary

You can either state your expected salary or write negotiable or say that it would be as decided by the organisation

(i) References

Please give name, their organisation and designation of two persons known to you. The organisation may contact them for feedback.

(j) Languages known

(k) Hobbies

(l) Write – I declare that all information given above are true.

(m) Write your name at the end of the bio-data

12. All above will become clear to you through solved example



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