1. Write address and date in left top corner.

(a). The address should be as given in the question. If address is not given in the question write some common address.

(b). While writing date please write 20XX for year unless date is given in the question. You can choose one of the following three formats of date

8th March, 20XX

March 8, 20XX

8 March 20XX


For example

D 189, Saket,

New Delhi.

8th March 20XX

2. Write salutation and name of newspaper as given in the question. For example


The Editor,

The Times of India,

New Delhi.

3. Write subject. For example

Subject: Problem of stray animals in Saket Colony of New Delhi

4. Write salutation as Dear Sir / Madam

5. Para 1 – Deal with problem in brief. Some possible opening sentences could be –

(a) I am a resident of ______. I am writing this letter to you to express my opinion about the problem / situation of _____

(b) Through the columns of your prestigious and widely read newspaper , I would like to draw attention of concerned authorities and general public to the problem / situation of _____

(c) I am regular reader of your newspaper since last many years. Recently I came across an article in your newspaper about / on ______. I am of the opinion that

6. Para 2 – Discuss the problem in details, listing reasons, factors responsible and consequences

7. Para 3 – Should narrate some feasible solutions and give your suggestions

8. Para 4 – Editor should be requested to publish the letter. Some possible concluding sentences could be –

(a) I request you to kindly publish this letter to spread awareness among readers / generate sympathy towards this cause / activate concerned authorities

(b) I hope this article would be published in your newspaper to propel concerned authorities to take immediate measures to resolve the problem / situation

(c) I am hopeful that this letter of mine will be published in your newspaper to generate a wider debate on this issue.

9. End your letter by writing

Yours Sincerely or Yours faithfully

Your name as given in the question

( A concerned citizen)

10. Please remember that editor is not responsible to solve the problem. Therefore never ask him to take any action.

11. Above will become clear to you after going through solved examples.



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