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Book Fair

(By Sumit, Class XII- C)

Starting from 15th Oct 20XX, a week long book fair is organized in our city town-hall. On the second day I am at the fair.

At the entrance, five counters have been created to obtain an entry pass for a token fees of Rs 1/- only. At the back of the pass a detailed map is provided to indicate floor plan  and type of books displayed in each section. All visitors are requested to note down code number of the displayed book they wish to buy.

The first section is for motivational books. Books of folk lore, jatak-katha, brave kids and of the people who made a difference to the world are displayed. Books of famous writers like BK Maheswari, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and APJ Kalam are displayed.

The next section is devoted to books about increasing concentration. Books about meditation and pranayama are displayed. Books written by Sadguru are particularly impressive.

Volunteers are helping visitors in explaining about books, their code numbers and price. Near the exit three counters are available for sale of books.

It is a very well organised book fair. People of all age will find something of interest. I recommend everyone to visit the book fair.


Summer Camp at Rishikesh

(By Roshani, Class X – A)

At 5 in the evening we reached a hotel at Rishikesh after three hour journey. Students were accommodated in 5 bedded dormitories. We were asked to take rest after dinner and assemble in the lawn of the hotel at 5 AM next morning.

Our day started with a yoga camp. Immediately after yoga, we had meditation exercise, motivational talks and laughter exercise.

The morning session ended at 7 AM and breakfast was served at 8 AM. At 9 AM we walked to the river that was flowing very close to hotel. We were given PPEs and then training for boating was started.

Lunch was served at 1PM. We had a rest period upto 4 PM. From 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM we started learning rafting and returned to hotel by 7 PM. Dinner time was 8 PM to 9 PM. Thereafter we played antakshari and retired to our rooms at 10:30 PM.

While day routine was similar, in the evening we used to have campfire, sing songs, mono-acting or other fun activity. Once we were taken to witness Ganga Aarti.

We did not realise how quickly seven days passed. Each one of us enjoyed the camp very much.



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