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Education – Blessing or Business

(By YXZ, Class XI)

In every town and city students studying in class VI to class X can be seen going to tutorial centres after their school timings. In the evening we can see teachers moving to houses of students to provide home tuition.

Situation of students studying in class XI and class XII is pathetically bad. They skip schools and enroll themselves with coaching institutes. Students of science and commerce streams adopt this approach. These institutes charge a hefty fees.

My father nostalgically talks of his days of schooling. There was no need to go to  coaching center or to take tuition. Society had engineers, doctors, lawyers, CAs and administrative officers even during that era.

It appears to me that gradually mindset of students and parents has been changed by the coaching institutes that without coming to them a student cannot excel. The root cause is distractions built in the every house in the form of TV, social media and sedentary living style. Absence of motivating factors like team work and moral values are taking their toll.

If only we can improve our life style, every student can achieve excellence. Each one of us must make efforts to come out of the clutches of coaching institutes.


Outdoor Life – A Must

(By Lata, Class XII)

I live in a residential society that has a good garden with many swings for kids. It has TT hall, gym and a badminton court. Till I was in Class VII, these places used to be full. One had to wait for some time to get one’s turn.

Slowly and steadily the situation has changed. The facilities are always vacant anytime I go there. Number of flats in our society has increased and so has number of people. There are more buses coming to society to pick up kids.

Kids are confined to their respective houses. They are happy to watch TV or surf social media. Kids of our society are either very weak or very fat. None can be said to be healthy. Most of them have specs on their face.

I feel pity at them. I am of the opinion that some outdoor life is must for maintaining good health. Such activities provide exercise to body and fresh air to our lungs. Playing teaches us team-building and spending time together increases belongingness.

I have decided that I would try to motivate couple of kids and some elders to enjoy the outdoor life every day. 



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