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Advertisement Affects Young Minds

(By Rajan, Class XI)

In this era of seclusion, kids are confined to their homes. One of their favourite time pass activity is watching TV. Programmes dedicated to comedy and cartoon channels are most popular among kids. They get completely engrossed while watching these programmes.

During commercial breaks of such programmes, many companies run their advertisements which are specifically targeted for kids. These pertain to fancy toys, junk food, writing material, shoes and cloths among others.

These advertisements are so designed that an indelible impression is created on immature mind of kids. They start demanding for particular type of cloths or writing material. They  become addict to junk food ignoring healthy food.

I am of the opinion that every manufacturing company has a responsibility towards society. They should not try to brainwash the immature mind of young kids. After all it is a matter of health of our nation.

The government should make a rule that in commercial advertisements every actor shall be of above 15 years age.


Books Are Best Friends

(By Preeti, Class XII, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur)

15th Feb, 20XX

My father used to take me to the library of our town on every Sunday when I reached class VI. He introduced me to several magazines and periodicals dedicated to children. It was a fun reading these. I also learnt the discipline of remaining calm and quiet. He taught me how to borrow books from library and to return within stipulated time.

I have read many good books of literature, bravery and folk lore. I also read books about various civilizations that helped me learn many things about the world. What an education it had been.

But gradually condition of library started deteriorating. Number of periodicals reduced. Then number of visitors reduced. When I was in class XI the librarian stopped coming. Within six months library was shut. I feel so bad that a temple where I had learnt so much has shut it door for everyone. Library was not getting enough financial support from Public.

Whatever little awareness I have about our history, culture and customs is because of books. I strongly recommend that each one of us must read as many books as possible. They are our best friends.



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