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Pilgrimage or Tour

(By Saheli, Class XII, ABC Public School)

17th June 20XX

Recently I had been to a prominent place of pilgrimage in India. The visit to deity and performance of worship took us less than one day. But we stayed there for one additional day. Our hotel was modest but quite decent.

In the main market there were shops selling almost every branded apparel and cosmetic product one could think of. Hotels and restaurants were of top class ambience. I did not feel that I was at a place of pilgrimage.

Earlier the stay at these places was not luxurious. People came with total faith and submission to almighty. But now it appears that the travel to such places has acquired a different meaning.

The changed perception has brought evil of pollution. Places have now become dirty with filth and rejects littered around everywhere. Attitude of local residents is totally business oriented. Nobody seems to be bothered about the long term evil it can cause.

I am afraid the religious places may lose their sacredness. Let us pledge that we shall do our efforts to uphold the cleanliness of places of virtue.


Social Media – A Curse

(By Kumar, Class XII)

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. have  become very popular even among students. They are spending lot of time on these applications.

Initially it is used as a means of communication. Very soon there are lot of forwards. Number of incoming message increases. Quickly the student also starts forwarding messages. Now he / she is fully under the clutches of social media.

At this stage remaining in touch with social media gives a sense of completeness while keeping away gives a feeling of uninformed and backward personality.

Affinity to social media affects eyes, physique and mental health. One tends to become an introvert. The logical thinking gets replaced by the herd mentality.

The society has seen an upswing in the crime rate because of social media. Unhealthy and vulgar videos are to be blamed for such a situation. Announcing the status of being away from house is picked up by unsocial elements for burglary.

We must refrain from using social media to the extent possible. Please remember that one can travel anywhere without announcing it on social media.



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