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Public Gardens – A Boon

(By Srikant, Class XII, ABC Public School)

17th Nov 20XX

Till recently there was feeling of laziness in people residing in my locality. Elders, young and kids  were confined to their house. But this all has changed now.

In the beginning of September 20XX, a public park was opened in our locality. It has a wide jogging track. Some swings have been installed. Some simple but useful garden gym equipment have been installed.

The whole locality has happily embraced this development. In the morning one can see joggers in the park. Open garden gym equipment are fully utilized. Suddenly one person has become a yoga teacher and people have started doing yoga.

In the evening it is full of kids. The laughter and giggle of kids is a welcome treat. They are playing in small groups while some are busy chatting with each other. The best part is that nobody brings mobile phone to the garden.

Within two months of its commencement I can see better bonding among people. Kids are full of energy. Elders appear to be a happy lot. The park has caused a big positive impact. I request the authority to open more such parks in every locality of the town.



Sports – Lesson of Life

(By Saroj, Sports Secretary)

Most people take sports as a means of physical exercise. Some take it as means of entertainment. I feel it is much beyond these.

Sports is basically a team work. The team consists of those playing on the field, supporters and trainers. A sportsperson respects each member of his team. The same concept can be applied in other fields of life. We mingle with siblings, our parents support us and our grandparents coach us in moral values. We must co-operate with our friends and respect everyone.

While playing we need to develop a good understanding between players. This helps to anticipate moves of teammates and respond accordingly. This concept can be applied in real life as well. Better the understanding among friends and family better is the response.

One of the qualities of leadership is to involve every member. The need to respect thoughts of every one is an important factor. This aspect is easily understood through sports.

It is very obvious that sports is a means to remain physically fit. Those who do a bit of warm up before commencement of game get more benefit.

Thus we can conclude that sports ensures overall development of personality.



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