A report briefly describes an event or incident that has already occurred. Thus it is mostly written in past tense. The report should give a clear picture and firsthand recording of what had happened. It illustrates the idea or theme of the event. It also includes opinion of the writer and the impression it had created on public.

Report writing can be for a school magazine or for a newspaper. The concept is identical in both cases. There is a minor difference in the format which is explained below in point number 2.

Format of the report writing

1. Give a suitable title to the report in not more than five words. The first letter of each word is to be written as capital letter. This is to be written at the centre.

2. (a) If the report is for school magazine write your name and class in the second line of the report at the centre.

(b) If the report is for a newspaper write your name and / or designation (as given the question) in the second line of the report at the centre. In the third line at the left corner mention the date of writing the report.

3. It should be written in the same order as it had happened – maintain the correct sequence

4. Since a report is written after the event has concluded, it is written in past tense.

5. The report must have three para as a minimum.

6. Para 1 – Give a brief description of event. Where was it organized. When was it organized and its venue. You may also give information about audience and chief guest of the event.

7. Para 2 – Please give details about the event. How was it conducted, sequence of events, some detail of programme and address by main speakers. You may choose to describe this part in two or more para. Then total number of para would increase.

8. Para 3 – Describe the impact the event had on audience and your opinion about the event.

9. Para 4- You may mention if anyone gave vote of thanks at the end of the programme. This is not mandatory.


Factual description is also a type of report writing. Here one writes a report as one sees and observes it. It can be description of a monument, a building or part of an event. Since it is described as seen, it is written in present tense. All other aspects are same as applicable to report writing.



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