Unseen Passage is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


Passage 17

Q 1. What is the reason of becoming overconfident?

Answer: A person becomes overconfident when he makes an over assessment of his capabilities.

Q 2. What can overconfidence lead to?

Answer: Overconfidence generally leads people into misadventures, endangering their chances in life.

Q 3. What is the formula to manage overconfidence?

Answer: Before taking a decision discuss the matter with other informed people with an objective mind and when it is proved that you are about to go off the path, accept reality and say without delay, “I was wrong.”

Q 4. How being modest is helpful?

Answer: Modesty makes one a realist. One becomes a person who has a balanced view of his capabilities.

Q 5. What limitation thought process of overconfident people impose?

Answer: They live inside their own shell. They are unable to make use of experience of others.

Q 6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words/phrases.

(a) The reason lies in the ____ assessment of his capabilities

(b) They become unable to foresee ______ developments.

(c) They know ______ but they are unaware of other.

(d) Overconfident people are ______ at risk.


(a) over

(b) future

(c) themselves

(d) always

Q 7. Overconfident people

(I) Take into account only their planning

(II) Adopt a realistic approach

(III) Live within their own thoughts

(IV) Always at risk

Which of the above is correct

(a) Only I and II

(b) Only II and IV

(c) Only I, III and IV

(d) All the four

Answer: (c)

Q 8. Please write the word used in the passage as

  1. Synonym of ‘attacked’ (para 2)
  2. Antonym of ‘accepting’ (para 3)
  3. Antonym of ‘virtue’ (para 3)
  4. Antonym of ‘major’ (para 7)


  1. invaded
  2. neglecting
  3. flaw
  4. slight

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Competence The ability to do something well,
Skill needed to do a job
Invaded Attacked
Disaster Mistake, A big failure or destruction
Ignore Neglect
Foresee Understand in advance
Objective mind Open mind, Without any prejudice
Flaw Fault
Lack Shortage
Modesty Humility, Being humble and simple

Passage 18

Q 1. What should educationists build up?

Answer: Educationists should build up in the minds of their charges a habit of resistance to suggestion.

Q 2. What is considered bad for character?

Answer: Reliance on external stimulations is bad for the character.

Q 3. What has become an addiction for the West?

Answer: Purposeless reading, purposeless listening-in, purposeless listening to radios, and purposeless looking at film; have become addictions for the West.

Q 4. When do many people feel distressed?

Answer: Many men and women suffer real distress if they are cut off for a few days or even a few hours from newspapers, radio, music or moving pictures.

Q 5. What feelings are generated when people are away from their indulgence?

Answer: They feel painfully subnormal and incomplete.

Q 6. How can children entertain themselves?

Answer: Children can entertain themselves by making things, by playing musical instruments, by purposefully study, by scientific observation and by practice of some art etc.

Q 7. What should educators do with their critical analysis of words used by propagandists?

Answer: Their critical analysis and constructive criticism should reach out to the children and the youth with such clarity that they learn to react to forceful suggestions the right way at the right time.

Q 8. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words/phrases.

(a) Reliance on external stimulations is ______ for the character.

(b) Like the addict to a _____, they have to indulge their vice


(a) bad

(b) drug

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
In the minds of their charge To whom they can influence
Propagandist One who spreads a propaganda, Exponent
Contrive Devise, Design by planning cleverly
Seize Snatch, Hold
Incessant Endless, Ceaseless
Stimulation Encouragement, Inspiration
Bait their hooks Catch their targets, Lure their targets
Conceal Hide
Ideological Based on certain thoughts and principles
Pill Tablet, Medicine
Morphinism Dependence on addiction of morphine
Such a pass Such a situation, Such a difficult level
Indulge To  involve in doing something
Inevitable Certain, Unavoidable
Abjectly Meekly, Without any pride or respect
Heightening Highlighting, Increasing



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