Unseen Passage is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


Passage 19

Q 1. What advantage exchanging an idea has over exchanging a fruit?

Answer: When an idea is exchanged each will have two ideas. But when a fruit is exchanged, each would still have only one fruit.

Q 2. What our classrooms are supposed to be ideally?

Answer: Ideally, our classrooms are deemed to be laboratories to experiment with ideas.

Q 3. When are we considered in the ‘research mode’?

Answer: When every learner starts working on an ethos to treat learning as ‘not yet wholly solved problems’; we are in a ‘research mode’.

Q 4. What is basis of ‘chalk-walk-talk method of teaching ?

Answer: It is based on a teacher-dominated ‘information transmission’ with emphasis on understanding research findings rather than research process.

Q 5. Which type of teaching is considered superior?

Answer: Research-based or a ‘research-informed’ teaching is far superior to students mugging from textbooks.

Q 6. Fill in the following blanks

(a) Ideas are worth something when _______ and exchanged.

(b) Or simply put, how many are _____ when they ask the right questions?


(a) expressed

(b) glad

Q 7. Choose word from the passage that has been used as

(a) Synonym of ‘happy’ (para 2)

(b) Synonym of ‘asked’ (para 3)

(c) Synonym of ‘outdated’ (para 4)

(d) Synonym of ‘doubtful’ (para 5)


(a) glad

(b) raised

(c) obsolete

(d) questionable

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Deemed Considered
Explore Investigate, Examine
Bent of mind Natural flair or ability for something
Raised Asked
Intellectual Related to wisdom or brainpower
Curiosity Eagerness to know
Potentially Prospective, Possibly
Catalyst Someone or something than causes a big change
Ethos Attitude, Principle
Cerebral Intelligent, Without emotions
Abstract Theoretical
Transmission Relaying, Conveying
Emphasis Stress, Attention
Obsolete Outdated
Questionable Doubtful
Research-embedded Research oriented
Participatory Involving participation
Mugging Memorising

Passage 20


Q 1. What are the multiple goals we may have?

Answer: We have multiple goals related to our education, job, career, family, spirituality and other interests.

Q 2. What is the false belief in our mind?

Answer: Our minds are falsely conditioned to believe that our goals are mutually exclusive. In order to achieve success and fulfilment in one aspect, we have to necessarily move away from the others, and that too, completely.

Q 3. Why there is so much conflict and imbalance in the world?

Answer: It is because we tend to have a flawed image or perception of perfection and success which is based only on fantasy.

Q 4. Who is a perfect student?

Answer: A perfect student is one who has assimilated and applied the knowledge that he has learnt.

Q 5. Who is a perfect teacher?

Answer: A perfect teacher is one who has made a positive difference to students’ lives and who is remembered with gratitude, respect and reverence by students throughout their lives.

Q 6. Who is a perfect professional?

Answer: Perfect professionals are those who are dedicated, honest and sincere in performing duties as best as they can, to the best of their ability.

Q 7. What does author advise about various roles of life?

Answer: Each of our roles is important and has significance in our life. Fulfilment is required in all spheres, and when fulfilled, it adds value to our other roles as well.

Q 8. Choose word from the passage that has been used as

(a) Synonym of ‘noticeable’ (para 1)

(b) Synonym of ‘student’ (para 2)

(c) Antonym of ‘loses’ (para 3)

(d) Synonym of ‘combined’ (para 5)


(a) evident

(b) academic

(c) makes

(d) coupled

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Dons Plays
Mutually exclusive Separate from each other
Flawed Wrong
Evident Obvious, Noticeable
Academic Student
Mediocre Ordinary
Unethical Immoral, Dishonest
Reveling Enjoying
By hook or by crook By any method or means
Spiritualist Monk, One who believes in divine power
Prescribes Recommends
Detachment Being away, No attachment,
Fantasy Imagination
Assimilated Understood fully
Reverence Deep respect, Veneration
Coupled with Combined with



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