Unseen Passage is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.

Passage 3

Q 1. What does the author tell us about the financial condition of her parents?

Answer: My parents were a hard-working and extremely self-contained couple. Our family was poor and barely managed the essentials.

Q 2. What value did the parents practise?

Answer: They practiced that kindness is the essence of all religions. So they invited village folks for tea and gave grains to sadhus and pandits.

Q 3. What practice author evolved because of kindness of her parents?

Answer: Author is able to reach out to others and make a difference in their lives – whether at her home, in society or work place.

Q 4. What kind of girl was the author?

Answer: She is quite a rebel. She has a tendency to ask questions. She is not satisfied with customary way of life of a girl child.

Q 5. How many brothers author had? Write their names

Answer: She had two brothers – Bachchan and Raju.

Q 6. How do you know that author’s parents discriminated between sons and daughter?

Answer: Her brothers were getting preferential treatment. All opportunities and options were made available to them. Thus we know about the discrimination.

Q 7. Why do the mountain people consider themselves to be born mountaineers?

Answer: Because they have to go up and down mountains for their daily livelihood and even for routine works.

Q 8. Why were foreigners drawn to the Himalayas?

Answer: Foreigners were drawn to the Himalayas as they could educate themselves on social, cultural and scientific aspects of mountaineering and also seek peace in nature’s gigantic scheme of things.

Q 9. Which river was flowing near the town of author –

(a) Nakuri

(b) Uttarkashi

(c) Garhwal

(d) Bhagitithi

Answer: (d)

Q 10. Parents of author were

(I) Hard working

(II) Self-contained

(III) Poor

(IV) Disrespectful

Which of above options are correct

(a) Only I

(b) I and II

(c) III and IV

(d) I, II and III

Answer: (c)

Q 11. Fill in the blanks

  1. I was __________ child in the family
  2. They considered themselves to be ___________ mountaineers.


  1. Third
  2. Born

Q 12. Which word in the last para mean ‘importance’?

Answer: Significance.


Vocabulary Building
Word Meaning
Gurgling Sound of splash of water or bubbling
Self-contained Independent, Self-sufficient
Barely Hardly
Essentials Basic requirements, Necessities
Treasured Important, Cherished, Valuable
Creed Faith, Belief
Essence Basis, Soul,
Ingrained Established,
Customary Traditional, Conventional
Mountaineering Art of mountain climbing
Preferential Giving preference, Favoured
Backpackers Those who carry luggage on their back
Significance Importance
Seek Search for, Try to find out,
Gigantic Great, Infinite, Massive

Passage 4

Q 1. What strategy do animals like deer, antelopes, etc adopt to drive away the panther?

Answer: They all stand their ground and make such a loud noise that the panther is left with no other choice except to leave quietly. 

Q 2. How do the panther and the game animals (deer, antelopes, etc) react to open spaces?

Answer: The panther avoids open spaces.

The game animals like to assemble right out in open vast grazing grounds.

Q 3. What effect does the loud noise made by birds and animals have on the panther?

Answer: The resulting confusion of sounds is so irritating to the sharp ears of the panther that it is left with no other option except to go away.

Q 4. How does the panther kill its prey?

Answer: It stalks as close to its victim as it can manage, and then makes the final dash by rushing at it at a lighting speed.

Q 5. What is the meaning of word ‘shrill’ as used in first para

(a) Rude

(b) Simple

(c) High

(d) Beautiful

Answer: (c)

Q 6. What is the meaning of the word ‘condemnation’ as used in third para

(a) Disapproval

(b) Appreciation

(c) Attention

(d) Ignorance

Answer: (a)

Q 7. Fill in the blanks

(a) They curse the panther in their own ______________ voice.

(b) It stalks as close to its _______________ as it can manage.

Answer: (a) inimitable (b) victim

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Sight Glimpse, Notice
Nothing of that sort None of that situation happens
Stand their ground Stand there only
Stamping its feet Hitting ground with feet
Shooing away Drive away
shrill Loud and high pitched voice
Impertinent Rude, Bold
Brat One who behave badly, Ill-mannered
Sticks to cover Hides behind something
Game animal Animals of prey, Animals that are hunted
Deliberately Intentionally
Pandemonium Uproar, Confusion, Mayhem
Kicked up Started
Deafening Very loud
Chorus Together, Something said or sung together
Condemnation Disapproval, Criticism
inimitable Special, Unique
Associates Colleagues
Finesse Skill, Expertise, Grace
Contrary to Opposite to
Springs Jumps
Stalks Follows silently
Dash A quick run



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