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Passage 7

Q 1. According to author, what can change human life in Third World countries?

Answer: According to author, in Third World countries, the only lever that can lift human life above its present sub-human level is rural development.

Q 2. What has been considered as the worst tragedy in above passage?

Answer: The human population of Third World countries have taken their poor conditions as something that cannot be altered and something for which there is no remedy.

This has been considered as the worst tragedy.

Q 3.What has been legacy of freedom struggle of India?

Answer: Attempts for upliftment of rural India has been the legacy of freedom struggle of India.

Q 4. How cities of ancient Indian have been described?

Answer: In ancient India cities were integral parts, organically related to the trust of the country and society. Cities in ancient India were the flowers of culture and artistic excellence of the nation

Q 5. How cities of modern Indian have been described?

Answer: Modern cities are exotic centres of commercial and industrial exploitation. These are just parasites, preying on and debilitating the country.

Q 6. Why Gandhiji started ‘Go to Village Movement’?

Answer: Gandhiji thought that this movement alone can bring freedom to India and sustain it. Rural development had pride of place in his startegy for nation’s freedom.

Q 7.Please fill in the blanks –

  1. Every ray of hope has gone ______ of their lives.
  2. Thus it had its __________ in the freedom struggle


  1. out
  2. origin

Q 8.  Which of the following is not synonymous to rural life in underdeveloped countries

(a) Ignorance

(b) Ill health

(c) Poverty

(d) Poor education

Answer (d)

Q 9. Please write word / phrases from the passage which is antonym of following words

  1. Similar (para 1)
  2. Followers (para 2)
  3. Strengthening (para 3)
  4. End (para 4)


  1. Different
  2. Leaders
  3. Debilitating
  4. Origin

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Predominantly Mainly, Mostly,
Lift Upgrade, Improve
Stagnating Being constant, Not changing
Ameliorate Improve a bad condition or situation
Quadruped Animal having four feet
Counterparts Equivalent, Similar
State of affairs Condition
Inevitable Assured, Something that will certainly happen
Advancement Progress
Enlightened Knowledgeable
Legacy Guiding principle, Tradition
Affluent Rich
Custodian Guardian, Responsible for taking care or protecting
Imperial Royal, of or relating to an empire
Engulfed Surrounded
Integral part Essential part
Exotic Unfamiliar, Unknown
Parasites A person who lives at the cost of others
Preying on Hunting, Killing others
Debilitating Weakening

Passage 8

Q 1. What might be a limitation of an intellectual person?

Answer: A person who is an intellectual can have all the knowledge of the world but may not know how to give it shape.

Q 2. What according to the passage are demands of intelligence?

Answer: Intelligence demands that an individual be sensitive of his acts, thoughts and emotions. It also demands that the individual be inquisitive about the working of life and of one’s own mind.

Q 3. How can one transform from knowledge to knowing?

Answer: The transformation process between knowledge and knowing requires the individual to be inquisitive, sensitive and observant.

Q 4. What would the ability to act intelligently result into?

Answer: The ability to act intelligently according to the situation helps in obliterating thought processes which perpetuate fear, remorse and conflict within.

Q 5. What would the plight of an individual without basic intelligence?

Answer: Without basic intelligence, an individual is tapped within himself manifesting inner conflicts, hatred and ignorance in the external world.

Q 6. What would meditation provide to an individual?

Answer: Meditation provides the necessary strength to surrender to oneself and be with oneself.

Q 7. Fill in the following blank with appropriate words/phrases

(a) Intelligence is the basic knowledge of life which is _______ into knowing.

(b) This being in the present brings the _______ back to harmony.

(c) Intelligence strengthens the integrations and ______ of the individual.

(d) Without compassion, all intelligence is ________.


(a) transformed

(b) individual

(c) harmony

(d) ignorance

Q 8. Find the word from the passage that is synonym to the words given below.

(a) more (para 2)

(b) means (para 3)

(c) drives away (para 5)

(d) skill (para 8)


(a) Excessive

(b) Implies

(c) dispels

(d) Art

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Integral Essential, Intrinsic, Inherent
Fulfilment Feeling of achievement or happiness
Inquisitive Curious, Being eager to find out
Implies Means
Supple Flexible, Agile, Graceful
Sublime Supreme, Heavenly
Bliss Complete happiness, Pleasure
Transform Change
Observant Alert, Quick to notice, Attentive
Harmony Good arrangements of parts, Peacefulness
Repressions Restraints, Obstacles
Prejudices Preconceived thoughts, Bias
Dispel Drive away,
Obliterating Weaken
Perpetuate Propagate, Increase
Remorse Regret, Sorrow
Conscious Intentional, Well thought of
Transcend Overcome, Surpass, Exceed,
Suffuses Fills
Manifesting Showing, Representing
Compassion Sympathy or kindness towards others


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