Unseen Passage is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.

Passage 9

Q 1. What does the survey predict about 2025?

Answer: The survey predicts that 70 per cent of the young workforce will be ruling the corporates in 2025.

Q 2. In the context of the survey, what dilemma we would be facing?

Answer: Should we work on creating the young leaders to lead from the front or we just give way to the young force to take the lead? This is the dilemma we would need to resolve.

Q 3. What is special about thinking of students of this era?

Answer: Students of this era think big. There is no fear of failure nor is there any insecurity about their future. They live their present fully. Their thoughts are panoramic and out-of-the- world.

Q 4. How author described his relationship with his father at various stages?

Answer: Adoring him as my hero at one stage, accommodating his idiosyncrasies at another stage, confronting his views in another stage and sympathising with him at a later stage.

Q 5. What does younger generation basically need?

Answer: All they need is freedom from the self-limiting thoughts of older generations.

Q 6. What can the older generation, offer the younger generations?

Answer: The older generation can offer them the freedom to decide, encourage them with fresh ideas, learn to see their world and appreciate them.

Q 7. Fill in the blanks

  1. There will be a buzz full of _______, energy, freedom, creativity and celebration.
  2. They have very valuable things to offer to the _______ generation.


  1. action
  2. younger

Q 8. Write the word from the Passage which is

(a)Synonym of ‘meagre’ (para 1)

(b) Antonym of ‘narrow’ (para 3)


(a) negligible

(b) panoramic

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Has an edge Has an advantage
Buzz Atmosphere of excitement and activity
Out of place Inappropriate, Unsuitable
Setting in Establishing
Give way Allow
Bandwidth Frequency, Ability to deal with a situation
Baby boomer A person of old era (born before 1964)
Adore Feel great respect and admiration, Like too much
Accommodate To oblige or do a favour
Idiosyncrasy A peculiar behviour or habit
Confronting Opposing
Gen X Those born between 1965 and 1980
Gen Y Those born between 1981 and 1994, Millennials
Gen Z Those born between 1995 and 2015
Breakthrough ideas Innovative or new ideas
Panoramic Wide, Broad
Out of the world Extraordinary, Extremely impressive, Wonderful
Ecosystem Overall environment or scenario
VUCA Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

Passage 10

Q 1. What is literacy defined? What does it impact personality?

Answer: Literacy means “ability to read and write”, the act of being educated. The personality of an individual is polished if he or she is educated

Q 2. When is the International Literacy Day celebrated? In which year was it celebrated first?

Answer: International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8th Sep. It was first celebrated in 1966.

Q 3. What governments celebrate International Literacy Day?

Answer: Governments of all countries organise programmes and expeditions to create awareness about literacy. Governments encourage people to get necessary education and send their children to school.

Q 4. What is done at school and college on the Literacy Day?

Answer: Literacy programmes are organised at school and college level, where the students present speeches and models to demonstrate the value of literacy.

Q 5. Why it is important for parents to be educated?

Answer: If the parents are illiterate, they may not able to cope with the needs of the new century and their children may suffer.

Q 6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words/phrases.

(a) Literacy is an essential need for ___________.

(b) Every year UNESCO organises __________ and seminars to highlight the importance of literacy.

(c) Parents have an ___________ role in the development of children.

(d) It is their right to get _____________.


(a) development

(b) conferences

(c) important

(d) education

Q 7. Pick up words from the passage which are antonyms of following

(a) Succeeded (para 1)

(b) Destroy (Para 2)

(c) Discourage (Para 2)

(d) Literate


(a) Failed

(b) Create

(c) Encourage

(d) Illetrate

Vocabulary Building

Word Meaning
Polished Refined, Civilised, Courteous
Promote Propagate, Encourage
Expedition Campaign
Demonstrate Exhibit, Display
Cope up with To deal with and attempt to overcome difficulties
Deprived of Lacking something, Having disadvantage



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