Note Making is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


(Example 2)

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Q 1. Make notes on the above passage using proper abbreviations and suggest a suitable title.

Q 2. Write a summary of the above passage in about 80 words

Title of the passage: Delhi – Neglect of Pedestrian

Note Making

  1. Pathways are bad

         1.1 Narrow, not maintd

         1.2 Pot holes and junctions

         1.3 Dangerous eltrcl work

         1.4 Garbage

         1.5 Flyover helps autombl

     2. No facility for pedestrian

         2.1 No lights

         2.2 Water logged

         2.3 No place to walk

         2.4 Main locations are bad

     3. Poor attention to pathways

         3.1 Mlti agencies

         3.2 Huge money on carg ways

         3.3 Helps cars to move fast

     4. World class cities

         4.1 Pref. for peds.

         4.2 Phy. Chlngd

         4.3 Childn

         4.4 Pathways are pride

Key to abbreviation
maintd maintained
eltrcl electrical
autombls automobiles
mlti multiple
peds pedestrian
phy physically
chlngd challenged
childn children


Pathways of Delhi are in bad condition. These are narrow, not maintained, full of potholes, electrical works and garbage. While flyovers have light, pathways do not. These are water logged and it is difficult to walk. Huge money is spent of carriage ways. Multiple agencies work on footpaths to make, dig or lay cables. So pathways are always in bad condition even at main locations like Ashram Chowk, ITO etc. Every world class city makes good facility for pedestrians, children and physically challenged persons. Delhi should follow these examples.



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