Note Making is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


(Example 4)

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Q 1. Make notes on the above passage using proper abbreviations and suggest a suitable title.

Q 2. Write a summary of the above passage in about 80 words

Title of the passage:  Poor conditions in slums

Note Making

  1. Poor construction

         1.1 Narrow lane

         1.2 Single room

         1.3 Roof and celng of wood or sacks

    2. Poor faciltiy

         2.1 Comn latns

         2.2 Comn taps

         2.3 Open drains

         2.4 Prone to floods

     3. Poor living condition

         3.1 >10 ppl in 1 room

         3.2 Chldn play along drains

         3.3 Diseases prone

     4. Emotions

         4.1 Fear of bldogd

         4.2 Relgs and poli interests

         4.3 Cheerful

     5. Growth

         5.1 Around factory, station

         5.2 Dharavi- biggest

         5.3 Migrants

         5.4 Restlmt colony far

Key to abbreviation
Comn Common
Latns Laterines
Celng Ceilings
> More than
Ppl People
Chldn Children
Bldogd Bulldogged
Relgs Religious
Poli Political
Restlmnt Resettlement


Lanes in slums are narrow. A single room is called a house. Roof and ceiling is of wood or sacks. These would have common latrines, common water taps and stinking open drains. Area is prone to floods. More than 10 people live in a room. Children play along open drains. The whole area is prone to spread of disease. People live in constant fear of colony getting bulldogged. People live with their religious and political interests. Still the people at slums are cheerful. Slums typically grow around factories and railway station. Dharavi is biggest slum in Asia. Resettlement colonies are built very far so people do not shift.



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