Note Making is an important constituent of the reading section. Students may do practice through following examples to improve their performance.


(Example 5)

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Q 1. Make notes on the above passage using proper abbreviations and suggest a suitable title.

Q 2. Write a summary of the above passage in about 80 words

Title of the passage: Gender Sensitisation

Note Making

  1. Definition

         1.1 Way ppl think

         1.2 Rely < on tradition

         1.3 Rely < on outd role

     2. School Education

         2.1 Empasis on eqlty, inclsvty, dvrsty

         2.2 Identify gender bias

         2.3 Change bias

         2.4 Motivate boys for equality

     3. How to deal inequality

         3.1 From young age itself

         3.2 School tranfmng agent

         3.3 Assign equal role at home

     4. Girl education

         4.1 Bring more girls to school

         4.2 Financial independence

         4.3 RTE

         4.4 Must feel safe

Key to abbreviation
ppl people
< less
outd outdated
eqlty, equality
inclsvty, inclusivity
dvrsty diversity
tranfmng transforming
RTE Right To Education


Gender sensitisation is art to change thought of people so that they rely less on traditional and outdated roles of girls. School education has an important role to play. It must emphasize on equality, inclusivity and diversity. Identify gender bias, change it and motivate boys for equality. To eliminate inequality society must act while kids are young and assign equal roles to boys and girls. School should act and transforming agent. Under the aegis of Right To Education, more and more girls should get education to become financially independent. They must feel safe to live in this society.

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